INSTA-PUMPS offers maintenance on both Old Drilled, abandoned and Poorly Productive Borehole Facility; where we deploy either Rotary Drilling Plant OR Percussion Drilling Unit for the entire cleaning operations. Our borehole cleaning procedures is based on the fundamental approach of borehole development using both physical air jetting techniques and Chemical injection to disperse the clays that conventionally clog on the screened areas.

The drill fluids (sometimes referred to as drilling mud) are circulated through the drill string into the borehole and back to the surface and flush off the broken pieces (cuttings) sands or crumbly rock upwards and out of the hole.

The need to disperse the clays through chemical injection practice and cuttings from the Borehole is emphasized in order to restore the original borehole yield and/or improve on the ultimate performance.


S Bore Cleaning 1


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