“Representing the New Generation of Rotary Drilling Rigs for the Drilling Depths up to 600.0m.” 

The series of PRD universal Rotary Drilling Rigs has been completely reworked and upgraded, technically and hydraulically as well as powered to the modern state of the Art through  the Oz-Model.

The OZ Drilling Rig Model is an Australian patented technology with a DRILLING DEPTH capacity of 600.0m; and is powered with a 1200 cfm/350PSI Atlas Copco compressor.

The Rig can drill Boreholes at diameters of 4” (108mm) to 30” (762mm); to drilling depths of 600m/120m respectively.

The Rig can Drill with the following methods: –

  • Down-the-Hole hammer Drilling
  • Rotary Drilling with reverse circulation
  • Rotary Drilling with Direct circulation

Equipment Specification


The Drilling Rig has been deployed in a 14” Borehole Drilling Program under the World Bank to the depth of 200.0m at the casing diameter of 254.0mm (10”). The Borehole has a capacity of 200m3/hr.

Quietly Leading the water industry for the last 20 Years