INSTA-PUMPS Group complies with the International Well Testing Standard defined through the British Standard BS ISO 14686:2003 – formerly BS6316:1983 codes of practice.

This is an industrial standard that generates qualitative aquifer output (flow) over given time spells, equipped with versatile Test-Pumping units in the form of mobilize works

  INSTA-PUMPS Equipment


  • Heavy Duty Bedford Truck, Ex-Army with a 50kva Genset and assorted pumping equipment on bond. Available pumps will run well outputs from 20-100m3/hr
  • Mercedes Truck, with 45kva Genset and assorted pumping equipment of capacity 10-35m3/hr.
  • low rated capacity Land Cruiser Truck with 25kva Genset and assorted pumps of capacity 2.5-15m3/hr.
  • Modified T1500 Rig Plant with a 100KVA generator on bond and with a rated capacity of 400m deep well.

With this investment; we have rolled out multiple aquifer tests in numerous Boreholes with high accuracy calibration of Aquifer Systems.

In the floricultural farmlands of Timau INSTA-PUMPS has conducted an aquifer mapping exercise through a complex highly professional output report on Aquifer sustainability, based on high flow tests.

We have the inherent unmatched capacity in Aquifer Testing procedures.


  • To ascertain well yields in a highly precise and explicit manner.
  • To design the final installation pump based on the Test-Pumping Process
  • To ensure aquifer sustainability through safeguard against over pumping scenario’s or dewatering of aquifers.

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