INSTA-PUMPS Group operates a state of the art Workshop, charged with the following responsibilities, among others:-

  • The fabrication of Pressed Steel Tanks and Towers/ Pressing of Steel plates to industrial standards
  • Slotting of casings/ Fabrication of Borehole covers.
  • Trouble shooting of various pumps and the repair works thereof.
  • Construction of windows/ doors/ signboards and other amenities that require the welding aspect.
  • The assembly of control panels for the various pumps.

Location:- The Workshop is situated at the Cempack Solutions Building, located in the Ruaraka Area. The working environment is properly enhanced, for optimal productivity of the staff involved.

Key Workshop Machinery :-

  • Press Unit- For ‘Pressing of steel plates to the required industrial dimensions’.
  • Plasma Cutter (Enterprise Plasma 160Hf Chopper c/w compressor) – For the slotting of Screen Casings; to be installed on aquifer zones, for optimized penetration of water into the casing line.
  • Agrimac Concrete Mixer- For the mixing of sand, cement and aggregate into the right ratio.

Quietly Leading the water industry for the last 20 Years