Core Values


INSTA-PUMPS Group aspiration to become the best Drilling Contractor comparable in every way to the best international standards by demonstrating excellent levels of business performance, professionalism and integrity and must set the example that an indigenous African organization can compete at the highest level in its selected field of activity.


By identifying suitable water supplies, INSTA-PUMPS group focuses on and control its selected markets segments through the dedicated pursuit of excellence in all aspects of its activities.

Particular control is placed in all our operations, where our Hydrogeologist reduces the risk of getting into dry Boreholes. We have developed a site specific investigation program to collect aquifer data and recommend a location for a productive well; using state-of the- practice geophysical techniques or test-pumping data base.

We can design and implement an aquifer characterization program to determine site specific, sustainable well-yields and design specifications for your project site. Water supply development requires the integration of engineering and hydro-geological process, with the art of well construction.

We merge design, construction and development into a cohesive operation. We offer our clients a complete service for equipment design, installation, and enforce of the maintenance and online monitoring.

Quietly Leading the water industry for the last 20 Years