About Us

The INSTA-PUMPS Group was incorporated in the year 2002, and has evolved the drilling; Pumping and Transmission concept to an Industrial scale. We bring the same to corporate East Africa as a Market leader and innovator.

Understanding the nature of Hydrogeological Phenomenon in East Africa

INSTA-PUMPS has invested in deep drilling and commercial techniques and has marketed as Industrial Drilling outfit, that significantly offsets the Risks of Dry Boreholes. We render credence to 3D modeling to evolve non-dry Borehole and highly efficient system.

Industrial irrigation fed systems from Borehole sources has achieved functionality for excessive periods exceeding 10-years; with bulk outputs in excess of 100m3/hr.

We install Boreholes, and alternative pumping sources with long lasting pumping solutions at negligible risks of failure.

The staffing structure for the INSTA-PUMPS will range from Geo technical Engineers, Civil Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Mechanical and specialist Fabricators. The Multi-disciplinary team structure is able to seamlessly integrate project designs and to bond concepts of water systems.

Understanding the commercial value proposition by the INSTA-PUMPS Group

Multiple clients ranging from Donor Capitals, Flori cultural and Horticultural schemes, community water supplies, NGOs/wildlife conservancies, and state corporate have closely worked with INSTA-PUMPS due to the inherent Technical Capacity. The Commercial value proposition is very compelling due to the success rate in particular installations with the obvious positive cash flow effects..

Warranty Component

With our strong record and unbeatable experience in Engineering and Designing of Water Projects across the clientele spectrum, and combined with the unified Global procurement processes. INSTA-PUMPS gets considerable pricing from Tier-1 Suppliers with extended warranties and guarantees on all components.

INSTA-PUMPS thinks more as a Project Developer than a general contracting outfit; and arms to deliver world class pumping solutions for its corporate clients. We will strive to offer the combined package of Feasibility Studies/ Survey water demand analysis and the Professional Construction across the region as part of the effort to show our customers the value of engagement.

Our Specialization

  • Geo-technical investigations for foundations.
  • Borehole Surveys, Aquifer Mapping and 3D model simulation for Aquifer flows.
  • Borehole Drilling at enhanced and deep profiles.
  • Pumping Equipment design and installation program.
  • Pipelines, steel tanks and masonry retention structures.

Quietly Leading The Water Industry For The Last 15 Years